1. Why Won’t My Computer Connect To The Wifi

    As with every issue that you encounter with your computer, there are different levels of difficulty to finding the solution. For some problems that you’ll come across, you’ll find quick and easy fixes that will get you back in business, but for other problems you’ll require the assistance of our computer tech support to find the root of the problem and eliminate it. When it comes to not bein…Read More

  2. Why Are My Prints Coming Out Fuzzy?

    Very few things are more frustrating than having your prints come out blurry, crooked or fuzzy. Whether they’re photos that you’re printing or a formal piece of documentation, the last thing you want is to have to print out dozens of copies until it works by some fate. At PCOK, we provide speedy printer support so that you don’t have to wait to get your printer up and working again. Our comp…Read More

  3. Why Did My Computer Crash?

    Your stomach drops and you get a cold sweat, what’s going on? What’s the solution? How much is this going to cost? The second that your computer crashes and won’t turn back on, you ask yourself all of these questions. For many, the primary concern is whether or not the computer is ever going to turn on again, and what could have possibly caused it to shut off and not turn on again. The IT te…Read More

  4. Why Are My Print Jobs Being Sent To The Wrong Printer

    Wireless printers as well as printers that are a part of a network of printers, are drastically more complex than the printing system that used to require just plugging a cord in printing directly to that specific printer. Now, you need to make sure that you’re set up to the right printer in the right network, and that it’s set as your default, and about another 100 steps. In this process, it…Read More

  5. Common Problems Our Computer Part 2

    PCOK is a Top Rated National® computer tech company, meaning that we’ve had our fair share of experience when it comes to computer issues. Our IT specialists have worked with computers, printers, routers and other devices in order to solve the problems our customers run into. Because our goal is to provide solutions that are easy to tackle and can be done in a timely matter,  In our last post …Read More

  6. Benefits To Using A Wireless Printer

    Whether you are using a printer for professional or personal use, knowing how to work with a printer comfortably can be difficult to get started or setup. In order for you to get the most out of your printer, PCOK offers a range of computer tech support that will get you back on track. The problems that we encounter the most are in regards to wireless printers. From setups to paper jams, we’ve s…Read More

  7. Common Problems Our Computer Part 1

    Computers are constantly evolving into difficult pieces of equipment. Because of that, more and more people are having a difficult time getting their computer setup with the proper antivirus, router and printer. PCOK is a full service computer tech support company that offers a range of services to solve all of the problems that you encounter with your computer. Our IT tech support are experienced…Read More

  8. Why Do I Have To Restart My Router

    One of the most common questions that the IT support technicians at PCOK get asked is why people have to restart their router so often. We all understand the frustration behind this question, because more often than not, it’s when we’re trying to use our internet that we realize our router needs to be restarted. This disruption of service is frustrating for a reason, but it becomes more infuri…Read More

  9. AntiVirus Protection

    Viruses make their way onto your computer through emails, downloads, websites, links among other ways. These actions that take seconds to click can cost you hundreds of dollars in restoration, repairs and removal. The obvious answer is getting AntiVirus protection on your computer. With a plethora of individuals offering free AntiVirus, it’s important to note that the quality of protection you r…Read More

  10. What Type Of Printer Do You Need?

    Technology is quickly advancing, making it difficult to keep up with all of the options that continue to pop up. This statement includes the amount of printers that have quickly shown up on the market. Determining which type of printer you need becomes twice as difficult when you have to consider all of the options that each printer offers. The experts at PCOK understand the ins and outs of printe…Read More