PCOK is a Top Rated National® computer tech company, meaning that we’ve had our fair share of experience when it comes to computer issues. Our IT specialists have worked with computers, printers, routers and other devices in order to solve the problems our customers run into. Because our goal is to provide solutions that are easy to tackle and can be done in a timely matter,  In our last post we touched on a few of the most common issues that we come across as we work with our clients computers and wanted to share a few more.

Random Shut Downs

Everyone has likely experienced this when they least hoped to. Usually, our computers will give us a heads up when they need an update or a minute to restart, but then there’s that one instance where you’re working hard at something, or enjoying a conversation via skype, and your computer completely shuts down and restarts. While we do get this problem a ton, and it could be cause of malware on your device, sometimes this happens because of a dust build up. This could also be due to an overheating that your computer is experiencing. If a dust build up or overheating aren’t the case, our IT specialists are excited to help you.

Printer Problems

Depending on what you use your computer for, business or pleasure, it could be difficult to get your printer setup to your computer. This is also varies from one printer to the next. Because of the complexity from one printer, computer and situation to the next, we are extremely prepared to help get your printer back up and running. One of the primary computer tech support programs that PCOK offers is printer support. Whether you’re experiencing a paper jam or having a hard time establishing a connection, our experts can help you out!
Because of the complexities of devices, and the ever changing means of malware and long term problems, having a professional computer tech support that you can count on is important. PCOK runs 24/7 for your convenience. Contact our office and schedule an onsite consultation or speak with one of our specialists through live chat.