When you use any program that is tied to the internet, on any device, you are creating an opportunity for your computer or device to get a virus. Viruses are carried in emails, links, programs, downloads and more. These clicks that take merely seconds to open can cost thousands of dollars in order to repair the damage done by the virus. PCOK offers software that will help you protect your devices from getting any viruses, spyware or phishing from outside parties. There are a few different types of viruses that you can find on your computer, and knowing the difference between them will help you be more cautious and aware when suspicious things are happening to your computer. The experts at PCOK have broken down the different types of viruses in a basic way for you to understand.

Polymorphic Viruses

These types of viruses change their code every time that they infect a new computer or device, making it difficult to search for one consistent issue between devices. Since it’s difficult to tell with the coding, the best way to recognize this virus is by accounting for what’s happening to your device.

Tunneling Viruses

Tunneling viruses will load themselves underneath the scanner of your device, closer to the hardware. They try to surpass the antivirus software by tunneling to the hard drive and working launching while the hard drive is interrupted.

Stealth Viruses

A stealth virus infects your system file before the antivirus software. This form of malware hides after it’s infected the computer. It will then copy data from files on your computer so that when the antivirus program scans, it isn’t detected as a virus. This makes them very difficult to discover.

Fast-Infecting Viruses

Fast-infecting viruses will piggy-back on your antivirus scanner and infect the files as they’re being accessed, making it easy for them to quickly infect all of the files on your computer. While they’re easier to find, the damage is usually pretty intense, making damage control more difficult.
Avoid any of these viruses developing on your computer by having PCOK protect your computer and other devices. Our quality antivirus detects viruses before they have the chance to do any damage.