When your computer gets sluggish, it makes doing any work on your device difficult. The IT support technicians at PCOK understand completely how frustrating this can be, and that’s why we offer computer tech support. When it comes to slow computers, we get quite a few calls. We have provided a few of the reasons that your computer may be running slow. If you believe one of these reasons is why your computer is running slow, providing our support technician with that information could make taking care of the problem, all the more easier to solve.

Software Programs

If you have a bunch of programs that all start up when you turn on your computer, this could be causing it to run slow. Certain programs conflict when they are all opened at the same time, so knowing which programs conflict is a great first step. Our IT support technician can help you determine if any of your programs are conflicting.


If your computer has a virus, there’s no doubt that’s why it’s running slow. There are different types of viruses that can cause long term damage to your computer. If you’re not sure why your computer recently started running slow, and you either don’t have an antivirus, or you have a free antivirus, have one of the experts at PCOK look over your device and determine what’s going on, or what type of virus is on your computer.

These are only the two most frequent things that slow down a computer, but they are not the only reasons. Whether you reach us through online video chat, or you call us, we can help determine the issue and work with you to solve it. If your computer is moving slow, or if you have another issue with your computer, contact PCOK today!