Your stomach drops and you get a cold sweat, what’s going on? What’s the solution? How much is this going to cost? The second that your computer crashes and won’t turn back on, you ask yourself all of these questions. For many, the primary concern is whether or not the computer is ever going to turn on again, and what could have possibly caused it to shut off and not turn on again. The IT tech supports at PCOK are knowledgeable in various forms of technology, and provide computer tech support to the maryland area. Here are a few of the reasons that your computer may have crashed.

Malicious Software

Malicious software can end up on your computer in a range of ways. At times, it could be a virus that was sent via email, other times it could be a file that you downloaded without knowing it was malicious. Whether intentional or not, malicious software can do insane amounts of damage to computers. Our IT support technician will analyze your computer and determine which type of malware software is on your computer and figure out the best way to get rid of it.


Every computer has a fan that ensures it doesn’t overheat. Sometimes, when you are using various programs or have quite a few windows open, your computer overheats because it starts pushing itself to keep up. Your computer can also overheat by having something block the fan. This is possible for both laptops and desktop computers. At times, the best way to fix this issue is by adding an extra fan to the device.

Corrupted System Registry

Any device that has Windows on it will have something that is called a Windows registry. This contains files that determine the performance and operation of your computer. While these files will all start out fresh and working, overtime they are exposed to things that could cause them to become corrupt. This is an issue that will need be handled first hand by an IT technician.

There are plenty of reasons that your computer could be crashing. While it may be unnerving at first, you can count on the IT support technician that is helping you, to find a solution. If you’re having issues with your device, contact PCOK today and schedule a time for us to come and work with you.