One of the most common questions that the IT support technicians at PCOK get asked is why people have to restart their router so often. We all understand the frustration behind this question, because more often than not, it’s when we’re trying to use our internet that we realize our router needs to be restarted. This disruption of service is frustrating for a reason, but it becomes more infuriating when a simple unplugging does the trick. The experts at PCOK have a few answers as to why this method works every time.

It’s Overheating

Your router is constantly on, so it could be that it’s simply overheating making it difficult to work as intended.When you unplug it and let it sit for a minute, it gives your router time to cool down and get all of the functionality back to working!

It’s Bogged Down

If you have too many people pulling from the router, or you’re downloading large files, especially from sites that could have viruses or malware on them, your router suffers from the overload. Minimizing the amount of downloads you have going at once, or getting a router that is suited for the amount of users that will be using it, might solve this problem.

It Needs Replacing

Your router might just be old and need replacing. As stated in the prior bit, sometimes your router might not be appropriate for the amount of use that it’s getting. This is a common solution to most router problems, so keeping the amount of time you’ve owned the router and how many users are on it could make figuring out what’s wrong much easier.

There are plenty of reasons that your router might not be working, but we don’t expect you to find out on your own. Our IT support technicians can make the process of solving this simple by walking through your router’s issues with you. If you’re experiencing problems with your router, contact the specialists at PCOK. We can provide you with the highest quality of router IT support from any one of our technicians. Contact PCOK today and get your router back on track.