marylandIf you’re experiencing computer tech problems, you can rely on PCOK (MGW SERVICSE LLC)to solve them. We are the IT company that has support solutions in an instant. The IT technicians at PCOK have plenty of experience and are able to work through any tech issue, no matter how big or small.

Computers don’t come out of the box ready and set to go, and sometimes even after you’ve got your computer setup, you still encounter problems. Our expert technicians can visit your company on site and help you work through any of the problems that you’re encountering with your computer, printer or router. Over the phone directions can be difficult to successfully implement, and our team understands that. That’s why we sent our technicians to you. Watch as these IT specialists quickly put an end to the problems you’ve been having.

PCOK offers the following services:

When our expert service technicians go on site to solve your problem, they will ask about your problem, and find the solution to get you back on track. Count on PCOK to provide you with the highest quality of expert technician services each and every time that you work with us. The customer service that you receive from our in home computer repair is incomparable to the countless companies that have you solve the problem on your own. Contact PCOK today to request our technicians for home computer repair services in San Angelo today!

Visit & Repair Charges:
Between 1- 2 miles $20
Between 3-5 miles $40
Between 6-10 miles $50
One Time Fix Tech Charges $29.99/Hour (Parts replacement cost is additional. depending on Market & Product price, No shipping, No Hidden charges) Consult for the same just calling on our toll free number.
We accept credit& debit cards through mobile chip readers or web gateways. Charges appear on your next billing statement by the name MGWSERVICES LLC.