Whether you are using a printer for professional or personal use, knowing how to work with a printer comfortably can be difficult to get started or setup. In order for you to get the most out of your printer, PCOK offers a range of computer tech support that will get you back on track. The problems that we encounter the most are in regards to wireless printers. From setups to paper jams, we’ve seen it all. While they are complex pieces of technology, there are an incredible amount of benefits to using a wireless printer, and our IT technicians have the top reasons these printers are great here for you to enjoy!


Networking is what happens when you create a connection between a device and a printer. This used to be done by adding a bunch of cables to the back end of a printer. The more cables there were, the more computers could connect. This became a hassle, and truly just a mess. With wireless printers, the connection is entirely done without needing a single cable, so more people can use the same printer.


One of the greatest benefits to wireless printers are the added mobility. With traditional printers, you’d have to count on being within distance so that you could be plugged into the printer. With wireless printers you have the ability to work off of a network and print, without having to be close to the printer. This is a great benefit for business places and establishments where multiple people will be using the printer.


By no means are wireless laser printers affordable. While these printers are pricey, they should be viewed more as an investment than a purchase. It’s easy to buy an ink jet printer, but down the road the amount of ink that is purchased, depending on the amount of people that are utilizing the printer, adds up. Laser printers are faster, more efficient and are built to last so much longer, all while saving you money in the long run.

There are a ton of benefits to wireless printers. While they are pricey and complicated, the benefits go beyond the three we mentioned above. If you run a business or are looking for the perfect printer for an establishment that will require high volumes of printing from a lot of people, these printers are the best. Don’t let the chance of complications change your mind on that. PCOK offers computer tech support and printer support 24/7 so that you get the help you need, when you need it.