Technology is quickly advancing, making it difficult to keep up with all of the options that continue to pop up. This statement includes the amount of printers that have quickly shown up on the market. Determining which type of printer you need becomes twice as difficult when you have to consider all of the options that each printer offers. The experts at PCOK understand the ins and outs of printers and want to break down the basic differences so that you have an idea of where to start.

Cloud/Mobile Printing

These printers work perfectly for devices that are cordless, such as smartphones, tablets and the like. Cloud printing allows for you to send a print job from this device, to a nearby printer, without having to be connected to it or installing a driver. This is done through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, sending the project through a detour, similar to an email address, the print job is sent to the printer. These types of printers are great for more simple jobs on cordless devices.

InkJet Printers

InkJet printers squirt liquid ink through small holes to create images. The primary reason that this type of printer is purchased is because of the quality of picture that it creates. These printers blend the colors smoothly, making the images printed crisp and clear. These printers can also print on more than just paper. From canvas to stationary, these printers make any image that you need printed beautiful.

Laser & LED Printers

This is the standard printer used in office spaces and homes. These printers beam images or text onto a rotating drum. This drum attracts toner and then is transferred to the paper. The benefit of this printer is that it prints high quantities of jobs in a small amount of time.

Once you’ve decided which printer is best suited for your needs, you can then set the printer up and begin using it for all of your print jobs. if you encounter any issues with setting up your printer, or accessing it from your device, you can count on PCOK to handle the problem. Our experts specialize in printer support and will provide you with the highest quality of customer services while completing the job.