anti-virusAntivirus software is offered at a fee of $119.99, guaranteed for a year.

Nobody likes a virus. They get into your software without detection through emails, downloads, and links, oftentimes producing a slow, malfunctioning computer system. Viruses not only create a slow-running system, but they can eat memory and even track personal information that you are entering in your computer. That’s where PCOK’s antivirus protect and computer tech support come in!

Without the proper protection and support, your computer and devices are at extreme risk of being attacked by viruses and malware. PCOK is here to tell you that there is a solution, though. Let us give you the antivirus support and computer tech support that you need for a reliable system. If you suspect that your computer has been infected, don’t stress, just call PCOK!

Our antivirus support includes virus removal and system restore. Removing viruses is important in the process of restoring your entire computer. You will see significant speed increases and overall improvement to your entire computer system. Although removal is important, PCOK believes that prevention is always the best option. Let us give you the protection you need to fight viruses before they even become a problem and more intense computer tech support is needed.

Schedule an onsite consultation, call, screen share, or live chat; our trained experts work 24/7 to give you the antivirus support you need. We are committed to helping our clients and providing them with outstanding antivirus support services.  If you are located in Maryland and would like us to come to you, fill out a request form and we will let you know if you qualify.

Visit & Repair Charges:
Between 1- 2 miles $20
Between 3-5 miles $40
Between 6-10 miles $50
One Time Fix Tech Charges $29.99/Hour (Parts replacement cost is additional. depending on Market & Product price, No shipping, No Hidden charges) Consult for the same just calling on our toll free number.
We accept credit& debit cards through mobile chip readers or web gateways. Charges appear on your next billing statement by the name MGWSERVICES LLC.