routerOne-time router support service for $69.99, guaranteed for 7 days
One-year router support for $199.99, guaranteed for 15 days

PCOK understands that installing routers can become a confusing hassle. Leave it up to our computer tech support experts when you need help most. Rest easy knowing that no matter when you need help, you can count on our computer tech support to be there for your online tech support. Our online tech service is available 24/7, meaning that you never have to worry when you run into any problems or complications. We are here to help you at all hours.

Get the help you need now! PCOK is just a phone call away. PCOK can contact you via phone, live chat, or screen share. If you do not have the internet don’t worry, you can call us and we will walk you through the steps you need to get your router system back up and running.

When you find yourself in a router bind contact us! For wireless installation, Wi-Fi issues, multiple devices wireless installations, WPS, wireless protected, Wi-Fi set wizard support, PCOK is your go-to! No matter what you may need, you will get the best when use PCOK’s  computer tech support. Our goal is to give you the support you need, easy and hassle free.

Give us a call today.

No matter when you need our help or where you are, PCOK can help you! Fill out our on-site application if you live in Maryland and are interested in seeing if our technician can come to you. Let our technicians be the router support that you need.

Visit & Repair Charges:
Between 1- 2 miles $20
Between 3-5 miles $40
Between 6-10 miles $50
One Time Fix Tech Charges $29.99/Hour (Parts replacement cost is additional. depending on Market & Product price, No shipping, No Hidden charges) Consult for the same just calling on our toll free number.
We accept credit& debit cards through mobile chip readers or web gateways. Charges appear on your next billing statement by the name MGWSERVICES LLC.